Bill Alexopoulos

Bill Alexopoulos


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Hi I'm Zaze,

I am an established independent hip hop artist from Toronto, Canada. I have toured the country 5 times to date and done over 300 live shows in total. I have 4 studio albums, 3 mixtapes and an 2 EP's released to date. I also have over 15 Official Music Videos on my Youtube channel generating over 100, 000 views. My brand is growing. I run my own studio and also shoot/edit/direct 4k music videos. My own music label is the next goal on my list of accomplishments.

My 2nd passion in life is sports. I watch them, play them and educate myself daily on the stats and standings in all North American Professional leagues and some college as well. Sports help shade us away from the awful things that happen in todays world and give us something to look forward to. I love competition in general and sports provides a means for this in a healthy way.

Who doesn't love food? I will try anything once and things that I like 100 times over again. I love to taste things from different cultures and understand the use of ingredients to achieve desired tastes. Who doesn't love the fact that you can take a trip around the world by using your mouth as the vehicle and never physically moving. We need food to survive so why not love it and experience life in ways through it?

I love to read in general. Books are at the top of the list but anything that possesses information as knowledge is power and you can never have enough knowledge. Educating one's self is something we should never shy away from and should be a never ending journey throughout ones life.

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