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bazil patel

British Indian Ocean Territory

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Namastey, Sasriyakaal, Jay Sri Ram, Asalam o Aleikum and Hello, fellow noobs! As you can see, I have managed to upload a pretty picture of myself and I hope that the shave would be adding a mysterious touch to this face as well. However, it is better to know you are shitting around your side other than looking at a screen and reading tomorrow’s most famous name of the corporate world.
The name’s Bazil Patel, just as similar to my domain here. You can call me a little narcissistic cunt, but I have every right to take pride in my name. I have a single degree from the oh-so-prestigious College of Economics, Sydenham’s to my name, and trust me, it took me quite a while to tell people why this little hopeless piece of paper is as aimless as avoiding procrastination or making resolutions. Sure, you get the green signal with it, but do you really know how to drive your vehicle across it?
Bazil Patel is the name of a next door boy, who has been maintaining his claim in the corporate yet technical world since an entirety of 12 years. My journey towards telemarketing progressed as I first began operating as a corresponding telemarketing executive back when I was 16 years old, but it didn’t stop just there. It was the beginning of my career, or let’s say, fuel towards my passion. When I became 18 years old, the doorway to several opportunities opened and I found myself lingering along for around 7 to 8 years as a customer care executive for several companies, which definitely helped me mould the person I am today.
At the age of 18, my role as a customer care representative began for the term, International BPO, after which I was tossed and tried at several other corporate companies such as Imagine and an Apple resale centre. Having worked for corporate giants such as the World’s largest International Property Consultant C B Richard Ellis and the Australian Top IPC LJ Hooker, I have managed to set my entrepreneurship skills loose, and free.
I hope I did not bore you with the way I droned on, but this won’t take forever. What’s going to linger on forever will be this blog, which will be your ultimate source of knowledge as I will be updating you about a variety of experiences as a freelancer, as an entrepreneur leading a start-up and much more. This space should be kept for the kill. We all know that the digital world has revolutionized the thinking of the lay man as well, so here I am, with my guru-ness. Watch out this space for an assortment of blogs, vlogs and little hacks which I am sure will be able to help you as much as they have helped me. I am quite honest in my opinion, and if you ever feel the need to come up to me for help, I am always here. Also, you can interact with me on my Twitter and tweet to me regarding your views of this website.
Tip: Never ever degrade yourself, ever. I won’t say you are special because you have been listening all of this throughout life. I would however, turn to say that you are gifted and like all of those Nathans out there, I want you to know that our paths may be difficult and tortuously stigmatized, but hey, we have to start somewhere. Do not count your days or your years – qualify your experience, mentality and exposure. Was Bazil helpful? Is he nice? I hope to be as awesome as my readers who have envisioned me to be a writer and an entrepreneur today. Let’s rule the society. Are you with me?
P.s: Go to my instagram and you will see a bunch of quotes which have shamed me to be a writer today. I like framing snippets in my free time. Subscirbe, bookmark and happy reading! Good luck!
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