Awien Syuib

Awien Syuib


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I am a social media influencer and content creator in Aceh, Indonesia. Initially I often performed for Hip-hop shows whether it was rapping or beatboxing. Now I prefer to walk around Aceh and enjoy nature and its culinary delights.


for now I often promote products, services and others on my social media Instagram and YouTube channel, for those who follow and subscribe I like to see what I do and what I use and the question often arises: Where is it? Is it good there? Where to buy the product How the product? And much more.


I usually put more information in the comments or in the description.  They all see it from my videos on youtube and instagram. Besides that, I also collaborate with agencies and governments to create content for public services and other advertisements. For now, I have finished my undergraduate degree and have gotten married too, and now focus on creating content for daily activities with my wife, we usually create travel content and food reviews. 


I also often participate in provincial and national competitions, and from all of that, I have won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place several times. Before you offer me anything, please check my social media accounts first, so that the products you send me are in line with the targets you need.


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