Anthony Awadalla

Anthony Awadalla

United States

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My expertise is in commercial video production and video distribution. I produce creative, fun and engaging video content (much like the "insider" style videos) around brands and businesses in all industries and blast the content through five of my social media platforms that carries 5k+ following (instagram, facebook, linkedin, twitter, & snapchat). First time collaborating with us is free! Check out these two videos we recently did:


These types of 60 second fun and captivating yet informative and educational videos drive social media viewers to your brick and mortar, your website, and your online platform to create leads and ultimately sales. I also run a commercial video production company seen here: [link-omitted] where we not only specialize in commercial video production but also content production such as content writing, photography and content marketing. I'm a guest blogger for Elite Daily and Huffington Post. If you were to work with me you can expect either of the following:

1. Scripted commercial production and photography content blasted across all media platforms to engage with high following user bases in all social platforms
2. Insider style informative and fun video content around your product
3. We would use talent and models to creatively portray and best showcase your product
4. Produce "How it works" or "How it looks" or "The experience" videos of your product
5. You'd basically hire on not only me but also my team of creatives and brand experts to best position and market your product to ultimately grow your revenue and online traffic
6. Engaging Content embedded into a Huffington Post Article.

I'm open to brands of all industries but especially to all the following:

Mens & Women Fashion, Men's Shoes, Women's Shoes, High End Fashion, Health & Beauty Products, Cosmetics & Make Up, Mens Swimwear, Women's Swimwear, Pugs, Mens Accessories, Women's Accessories, Men's Watches, Women's Watches, Sunglasses, Travel Gear, Travel Products, Travel Brands, Hospitality, Hotels, Resorts, Musician Gear, Guitars, Vocals, Videography Gear, Drones, Lens, Vacations, Vegan related items, Technology Products, Computers, Hooka, Jewelry, FITNESS products and gear, Running Shoes, Athletic Wear, Fitness Products, Soccer Products, Soccer Gear

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