Angie Haering

Angie Haering

United States

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If your company's goal is to reach women looking for true and honest feedback with spending power, Angie Knows the Truth is the ideal platform to be on. Founder & Editor, Angie Haering understands social media (especially instagram), blogging as a business to convert sales for brands. For the past 5 years Angie Knows the Truth is growing to become the "it" place to find true and honest feedback for products relating to: Fashion, Skincare, Food, Travel, Toddlers, Parenting, and weight loss. Readers come to Angie Knows the Truth to find real and honest feedback on these topics. They enjoy Angie's "real talk" and peppy reviews. It's clear Angie Knows the Truth has branded itself as the go-to place for Women Lifestyle advice for real reviews and tried and true products. 

I started Angie Knows the Truth in 2013 as a way to display my tried and true recipes, travel destinations, restaurants. Along the way I had back to back pregnancies of two little boys who are now 1 and 2. The blog as since evolved to more of a lifestyle niche. My readers tended to be more interested in what was going on with me and my life and wanted more information on products I can recommend that are tried and true. Prior to blogging I worked in many restaurants in Cincinnati as a server and bartender. I was the girl who was always so interested in food and gained a lot of knowledge about recipes and restaurants through these years. This has given me great experience to create a successful Lifestyle Review blog. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands and I am so grateful. I love the creative outlet it provides getting to try the newest and latest lifestyle products: letting me highlight these wonderful lifestyle products to Angie Knows the Truth readers

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