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Alina Vlad is the creative behind everything you see on AV Style. Her experiences in fashion, lifestyle and travelling. She is working in Banking with a Finance and Human Resources degree and started this fashion website in February 2014. She evolved from a hobby into a profession and covers international fashion events around the world and her collaborations with major fashion houses. AV Style acquired a large following and fan base (150.000 followers) through social media platforms in the last two years. So passionate about photography, travel and fashion she created this project to share more with her followers who are inspired by her individuality and inspirational attitude. “I have always felt a duty to motivate and inspire my family, friends and followers to be confident and follow their dreams. I will never put a minute of my time into something I am not passionate about. I love waking up in the morning with a goal or a project that needs to be conquered and if there isn’t one I will create one! Everything on my blog is very true to my personal style and a true reflection of my personality.” I love to receive fashion clothes, beauty products and accessories.

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