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Hye, my name is Ali. i am blogger at [link-omitted]. I started writing in 2016 and have collaborated with many other companies. from there I learned to write and experienced writing according to my client's [link-omitted] advantage of me writing a blog is that I can write more than 300 words and can also write 3 thousand words at a time. I also make this blog medium a field for me to hone my writing talent that I have had since childhood..

It is not easy to write and only certain people can stay long in this blogger world. besides, I've written and collaborated with big companies before. for example, I once wrote about shopping and sales carried out during their sales campaign.

from there I managed to attract my readers to join what my client advocated. This is an advantage that I have to give to my [link-omitted] is my responsibility to ensure that everything that is shared on my blog reaches my readers and followers. therefore in addition to writing a blog, I will also use other social media platforms such as Facebook pages and groups to help increase the reach of my blog.

writing various things is also an advantage for me. this can avoid boredom for my readers and it certainly also helps readers get the information they [link-omitted] addition, I also like to write about sports and the latest information. for those who don't know, writing about sports is not easy because it is closely related to athletes and game techniques. so with this thing makes me more focused and more careful in writing things.

besides that, many of my blog readers like articles or blog posts about games and online games. This is because the rapid passage of time has seen changes from the perspective of the reader's own interest.

compared to 2010, there is still less interest from blog readers in online games compared to 2023.

In addition, I often use Google Analytics to analyze my blog readers. This helps me a lot in making sure that I can improve my writing so that it is more interesting to many readers. finally with a little explanation from me this helps you get to know me as a blogger and also the content of the blog that I have written. I am very open in accepting any kind of collaboration with my blog.

 I am interested in working with your company. this is because my blog is very suitable for the content that you want to promote. My blog readers are also interested in genres. please feel free to contact me anytime. I am very happy to work with you. Our goal is the same, which is to ensure that what we write and bring can reach the targeted readers we want. If we don't focus on the readers, how can our dreams and targets be achieved.. so I hope we can work together on this task.

I hope to get a response from you soon. i am ready to work with you. thank you.

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