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Aditya Gaurav is a young Video Game Designer, Game Prototype-r, Music Composer, EDM Artist, Public Speaker, Story Writer & the Founder of Knowasiak Community. He is 17 year old. He is a traveler and has a huge follower base of over +400K on his Blog Knowasiak, people perceive him as determined, bold, heavy willed and a person whom they can always count on. He started his journey way back when he was 8 and since then he started developing his interests in Robotics, Automation, Machines, Blogging, Game Development and he also loves to compose his own music in free time! He got his first kick of happiness as he saw how high school students in his school made some science projects for exhibition, so he being in 4th took old flashlights and a switch and some wiring from the old kitchen power box and made a working simple power adjustable flashlight from it. Mom was the biggest supporter for him and even if he break an appliance or tear opens it apart she never scolded her too much. She understands him that it's his curiosity to understand working principles and machines that he lives with around. Since then, he made several websites, blogs, electronic projects like boombox, field sensing door locker, laser sensing beep movement checker, li-fi, tesla coils, High voltage Marx generators, a laser beam gun, generator, inverters, hand cranked chargers which were really hard to move but works... and some CG work also like game development and cinematics. He started game development last year 2020 when he passed his 10th, so a friend of him including he thought of making something new this summer vacation and they came upon making game over 3-4 months gap, but as the lockdown extended, so has there interests and time into learning about it, so they won 5th rank in India IIT Game begetter competition in December in there first attempt! Else all participants were beyond 20 but they were 16 only. He has got several prices over the last 5-6 years in many industries in India and abroad. He has got over 3.5 Lakhs worth of Investments in Pune Start-Up Fest 2021 for his Shooting Multiplayer Game 'Euphoria', which is currently being developed under his own studio 'Cognac' in Mumbai. He has founded over 3 organizations including Knowasiak, Skuix Studios and Cognac Studios. He is growing and making his own ideas a reality. :) Join Knowasiak - [link-omitted] Music Produced while he was free - [link-omitted]_-iw Euphoria Game Development - [link-omitted]

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