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I will review fitness products like sport supplements.

1 Video Review on Facebook

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About this offer

i am Rahul Baghel, I am a Fitness Trainer and a supplement expert and I have a great audience for your supplement products (protein powder, pre workout, post workout etc). I will provide a quality and fair review on social media.

About the influencer

Rahul Baghel

Rahul Baghel

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Fitness coach, guide, supplement expert, working in health [link-omitted]rience the Ultimate Fitness. 

I am Rahul Baghel a fitness trainer. I am a supplement expert also. I have good knowledge of fitness and supplements. I have been working for 3 years in this sector. I have good transformation results. I have multiple online clientstrainer #sarcastic

Fitness Coach & Supplement Expert. I don't to support any bullshit supplements and knowledge to my clients. I love genuine work in genuine way.

People trust me because of my genuinity.



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