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I will write high quality reviews

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I will share post's with products and services from company pages and write high quality reviews. If we are talking about product promotion, after I have tried them first, I write a quality review accompanied by photographic material. In case of service promotion I collect as much information as possible and write my review. my criticism is not limited to a few lines .. The reference will be more extensive ..
There is appetite, willingness and time to do proper and comprehensive work for the better promotion of your products and services ...

About the influencer

Thanasis Tonidis

Thanasis Tonidis

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Hello to all My name is Thanasis Tonidis and I am 43 years old. I graduated from the technological department of TEI of Kavala ,Greece as a mechanical engineer. I have been married with Lalou Androniki for ten years and we have had three children together , two girls and a boy. At the moment my activity is in the retail sector . My interests are quite a few , some of them are music (I play trams) , technology and gadgets, sports and photography. I am also active on the internet , I have two channels that I run in parallel , on youtube. One is geartechgr where I do uboxing and reviews and sometimes tutorials. without this limiting my flexibility . My other channel is take it test it where I test with my wife and present various products from the food and drinks sector. Αnd in this channel there is flexibility. Both channels have respective accounts in other social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok ..) if the needs require it, the corresponding blog could also work. *There is an appetite and willingness to work ... *Ideas there are ... And all that's left is the partnerships...


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