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I will Top Technology Site

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Top Technology Site Provide Content About News Technology, Computer News, Games News, Future Technology, Best Apps, Retro Game, Top Games, Android News Today, Computer Recovery, Best Software and my site not accepting content about gambling, Casino, and Sex

About the influencer

Rizki Apri Sugiono

Rizki Apri Sugiono

14K Reach

Motto : Hard Work Pray Hard, No Body Perfect in The World, Because Perfect Is Sh*t !!!

Analytics and SEO Specialist

Seo Agency That Helps Your Company Succeed In Search Engine Optimization. With Seo, Your Business Wants To Increase Its Visibility In Search Results On Search Engines Like Google And Bing. You Specifically Focus On Search Results Related To Your Company, Products, Services, Or Industry.

I am very happy person and show this in my everyday work. I can relate to the everyday person in both my talking and writing style. I have a style that is very direct and honest. Most people consider it easy to understand what I'm saying even those who aren't native English speak.

Work in SEO Specialist 
2015 - 2022
Self-starting SEO specialist with 7+ years at a digital marketing agency. Skilled at optimization, keyword research, project management, and content marketing funnel analysis. Currently seeking a position at Marketing Works Ltd.
Self-taught with 6+ years' experience in social media management, including Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, and Instagram.
SEO Specialist Marketing Solutions 
Developed standardized content expectations for team of 2 writers to improve their quality and efficiency.
Now I choose to open my own specialist seo agency, and have 2 employees, I have been working as a seo specialist from 2015 to 2022. I continue to strive to advance and improve my website content so that my website is more qualified.

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