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I will review your product, blog or service on my blog

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About this offer

I'd love to write a product, blog or service review for you on either of my blogs!
[link-omitted], a DA 18 blog, covers writing as a side hustle, and of course, how to market your side hustle!
[link-omitted] is a lifestyle blog, covering all topics from gardening to cocktail recipes to how to be more sustainable.
I'd love to add reviews to my blogs, and would welcome working together!

About the influencer

Alexandra Harris

Alexandra Harris

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Hi, I'm Alexandra, a blogger based on the Wirral, near Liverpool in England.

My site, [link-omitted] is at DA 18, and it covers everything to do with writing as a side hustle, including how to market your services as a writer and novelist.

[link-omitted] is a little broader in terms of topics including sustainable living, home and garden, cocktail recipes and so on. It's a real lifestyle blog, and I have ideas to move into yet more topics as time goes on!

I have a couple more sites in the pipeline, and these blogs will only improve as I learn, so keep checking back for updates.

Living near Liverpool is great. There is a thriving nightlife scene here with a lot of restaurants to choose from, bars and clubs galore, and live music in hundreds of venues across the area. I'm considering starting a 'Social Liverpool' blog soon!

If you have any questions on my profile or requests about work, feel free to drop me a line.  

Looking forward to hearing from you. 



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