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I will Ensure that the brands entrusted to me will reach the target audience.

1 Social Review on Twitter

Account #1 (1K Reach)

Add-on Services

+ $25
I'll share the Tweet post to my non-Twitter accounts.
+ $50
I'll share the Tweet with all my email subscribers.
Extra long review
+ $50
The Twitter social review will be in thread format over 3 tweets long.
Daily Review
+ $20
This platform will ensure that i give reviews on the products and events on a daily basis to the twitter users.
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About this offer

I will ensure that my followers and those i interact with on twitter get the right information on time,and that the brand to which i will be tasked with reaches a bigger audience who will add value to their market. I will as well be respectful and cheerful during my engagement with the online fraternity.

About the influencer

Robert Okanja

Robert Okanja

1K Reach

My name is Robert Okanja, i'm an outgoing person who loves to socialize and make new friends and experiences.I believe in honesty, respect and hard work as the core values of my excellence. Being a certified graduate,i've always concidered myself the best in every task that i have been called upon to [link-omitted] aim is to make my influencing brand bigger,reach more audience and also to replicate significance profits to the company or brand that i work for. I concider myself a bigger achiever when tasked, because of my passion for the influence work.I therefore believe that iam capable of handling any task that is given to me.

Contact:email [link-omitted]

phone No:0700010176/0794802631


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