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I will amplify and share an existing Twitter post with my audience.

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Account #1 (86K Reach)

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I'll Retweet on Twitter up to 3 different times.
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About this offer

I will like, reply, and retweet (share) the post with my audience. I will further further amplify the post by engaging it.

About the influencer

Aey dEAR

Aey dEAR

92K Reach

Aey dEAR is a digital content creator who worked his way into digital media space through his interest in sharing different views with various people and his love for word play and fun wit. He is adventurous, a brand influencer, an affiliate and influencer marketer, aspiring photographer and has love for sports and nature.

Through his content and reach, he managed to work with several brands, both local and international, covering a range of aspects including comedy, cosmetics, fashion, finance, food, gaming, lifestyle, music, sports and tech. Below are some of the services that he offers to brands on his social media platform:

  • Post about the brand’s product(s) or service(s).
  • Post a review about a brand’s product(s) or service(s).
  • Create content showcasing the brand's product(s) or service(s).
  • Create an engagement and awareness around a brand's product or service.
  • Retweet, re-post, like, share and reply on an existing post by the brand.

The brands that he managed to work with include Cadbury, Comedy Central, Junk Café, Nedbank, Shooters Pal, Telkom and The Unlimited. He is looking forward to collaborating with more brands, and believes that Intellifluence is the right platform for him to realize that.


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