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I will post a video review of your lifestyle product

1 Video Review on Facebook

Account #1 (48K Reach)

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About this offer

I will post a video review of your lifestyle brand, clothing line or beauty product on my Facebook page. I have over 50k likes and my audience is male and female 22-44 years old. I have an active audience that buys some of the products I promote so I really want to make sure it’s a good fit with my brand. I’m a lifestyle brand model and fitness model.

About the influencer

kirsten rhode

kirsten rhode

80K Reach

I am an Intuitive oracle and Plant medicine advocate. I teach others how to use their intuition. I have a podcast called Psychic Babes that has over 70k listeners worldwide. I have guests on my show that can speak about the effectivness of tools to help better oneself that can be backed by science or their credibility.  I recieved my B.S in Psychology from Texas Christian University and I am a big believer science has not yet caught up to the level of understanding and accepting the sixth sense. I have had guest on my show such as Laura Eisenhower, Dwight Eisenhower (our former President's) granddaughter, Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Zuckermann and many more. I speak about mindfulness, bettering your life, manifestation training and biohacking techniques. I am certified in Psych K, Past life regression, Hypnotherapy, I am a Reiki Master, a Certified Life Coach and am an ordained Minister.

I have had my gifts since I was four years old and all of the things that I have learned besides my certifications have come directly from meditation. I teach students how to better their lives using their intuition and love to promote products that will help better one's self mind,body and soul. I am an avid blogger and right for many different publications including my own blog [link-omitted]

I have been an influencer for the past ten years and have extensive experience in creating unique ads and videos that will truly reach my audiences in a deep and profound way. 

I create and publish my own videos on YouTube and create meditations for people going through my training that are very effective. I have recently been engaged in public speaking and love any new opportunities to do so. 

I look forward to working with you!


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