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I will do a YouTube video review

1 Video Review on YouTube

Account #1 (971 Reach)

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I'll do a YouTube video review in excess of 5min.
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About this offer

I'm a Nano Influencer at Intellifluence. I'll do a YouTube video review to get the word out to my audience and really get them to check it out.

About the influencer

Dane Bennett

Dane Bennett

3K Reach

My goal here is to help online companies to advertise their products to help people to lead a healthy life while using their products and create awareness on social media and in person. I love my job, love to help people and make them happy and I respect that trait in others as well.

I enjoy a broad range of activities and I am trying to live happy and full life. I am very caring, kind, understanding, considerate, passionate, open-minded, I can be a good Influencer for you that is why, I really feel so glad to join here, I really want to be useful to the world and help people while being occupied by things I enjoy doing!

Thank you Intellifluence for inviting me to be part of your amazing community!


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