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I will create an Instagram Reels Video for your product

1 Video Review on Instagram

Account #1 (101K Reach)

Add-on Services

Add an image or carousel post
+ $250
Add a still image or carousel post for a discounted price. Standard rate = $550 Discount with Reels Video Post - $300
Product images - 10 Package
+ $150
Package of 10 professionally shot, high resolution photos for your social media and marketing campaigns. Usual price = $350 Discount with reels video - $200
Add Story
+ $100
I'll add an Instagram story to accompany a grid post.
Custom graphics
+ $25
I'll include custom graphics on the Instagram video.
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About this offer

Let us show your product in action with a fast paced engaging video shot in 4k that will capture and hold the attention of your target audience!

I will use voice over or text blurbs to talk about and outline the features of your product while using hash tags and swipe up links to drive traffic to your page or website and generate sales.

20 - 45 second video
48 hour link in the bio
#your company
Caption promoting your product

We are very experienced in creating promotional product videos and stories and have worked with more than 30 brands including Apple, and Kia. Please check out brand responses and examples on the page.

"Our CEO 'really, really, really (he couldn't put enough really's haha) likes your video!"
Jacqueline Epstein @ Envel – Bank Smarter

"The video is awesome!! Yes if you can please send that 4:5 version and thank you SO much for the bonus content!
It was so great working with you and hope to collaborate again soon! "
Desiree Chesler @ Teaonic

"Thanks so much, everything is looking really amazing! The brand said they are interested in doing a longer term collaboration!"
Jenn Buchanan – Kia Campaign Manager

"We have some feedback with regards to your video. We loved it so much! This was exactly what we were looking for."
Anuhya Challagundla

The content is great, thank you so much! Thanks again!
Natalie Dickens @ Kove Audio

That’s amazing!!! Thank you!!
Doug Foley @ Foley Media, LLC 

Take a look at my IG to see previous examples!

Please don't hesitate to ask if you would like to see more examples as I am happy to send over past content created as well as campaign results.

About the influencer

Melissa McDonald

Melissa McDonald

105K Reach

Fitness, Health, Travel, & Outdoor Enthusiast Page. My photographer and I can offer brands professional high resolution images as well as action videography and drone cinematography shot in 4K. Let us show your product in action!

We are happy to create a unique concept that fits your brand and your marketing needs. We use social media post to drive traffic to your website, IG page, or product checkout page. We are very experienced at creating "Just Content" in the form of high resolution images and professional quality attention grabbing product videos. We make sure to deliver the highest quality content and marketing for your dollar.

I have a very engaged and responsive audience (11% engagement rate). My main demographic is in the USA between the ages of 24 - 39 with the average age being 35.

Average Reach 43K (with some posts reaching 100k+)
Average Engagement 4.5K
Average Story View 2.5K

Standard Rates:
$450 - Image
$550 - Carousel
$250 - Story
$790 - Video

Just content rates
$350 - 10 High resolution professional images
$650 - 30 - 60 Second Video

Discounted rates available for multiple posts and long term collaborations.


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