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I will provide a high quality video review of your product for my network.

1 Video Review on YouTube

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About this offer

I will deliver to the general public a: fair, honest and accurate video of my professional opinion regarding your product, service and services.

I will highlight all of the pro's associated with purchasing your product.

About the influencer

Phillip Rizzo

Phillip Rizzo

966 Reach

I teach others how to be safe and secure in their daily activities. I love to explain things and to teach others in simple and easy to understand language. 

Why make things complicated? We are all in this together, so, let's work together! I love to use my voice to advance the cause of others. I champion "the little guy". I am a "hope dealer". I deal hope to others around me. To edify and build, never destroy or tear down. 

Learning can and should be fun. I like to bring attention to the creative and innovative things other people are doing around me and to their awesome products and services. I currently host a true crime podcast entitled:  Light 'Em Up that has expanded its global footprint to 77 countries. 

We drill deep, vast and wide on riveting topics related to the Criminal Justice System, Crime Scene Investigation and Leadership. You should tune in:  [link-omitted]

I've spent 13 years on the radio as a programming director for a Spanish/English radio broadcast. I am interested in growing the recognition of YOUR products and services with my skills, talents and abilities. 

Let's work together to grow things for the better. 

I am here to serve YOU! Let's do this!!!


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