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I am Okwara Celine, 26 years old. I am vibrant and creative in nature (artist). I believe that team work enhances a company by developing it.

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Okwara Chinecherem Celine

Okwara Chinecherem Celine

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I am Okwara Chinecherem Celine, from Ebonyi state, resides in Delta state, Warri precisely. 26years old, married and a mom too. I am a christian. I am Facebook influencer with a rapidly growing account with increasing engagement everyday. I believe that our collaboration will be a great asset to your brand, as I have an audience who very much enjoys online shopping for leisure and just awaits new content with new product. And I'm also a very strong woman with a wealth of knowledge in the beauty industry , i am a typical example of being one and i also encourage people growing natural hair and maintaining it with good products. I am an artist (drawing) , i love reviewing new products and would love to incorporate my talents while doing so. My creativity will be the perfect fit for the job. I am straight forward, honest and humble. I believe that teamwork is the main ultimate goal in any organization that enhances growth and development.


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