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I will Promote your brand to my friends and followers

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About this offer

I can promote your brand trough my facebook with 3.914 friends and 134 followers. It can beneficial for raising your brand awareness to Indonesian people especially people who live in the Capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta.

About the influencer

Siti Wulandari

Siti Wulandari

21K Reach

I am a data analyst and also a content creator on blog, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Podcast and YouTube. My blog on [link-omitted] My Blog connected to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, so it helps to monitoring and evaluating the blog performance.

I have an expertise to tell the story about work life, healthy lifestyle, culture, food, travel and financial issue. 

I usually tell my healthy daily life on my social media with many interaction with my friends and followers. My blog have many visitor and good interaction with the readers.


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