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I will Share a single post or share multiple posts

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Account #1 (2K Reach)

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Share a post on my Facebook that could reach an audience of 4.8K
I can do a single post or multiple posts.
(I'm willing to work with various categories and not limited to just the categories that are listed.)

About the influencer

Tarrah Drennan

Tarrah Drennan

40K Reach

Hello there,

I am interested in sharing your brand on my Instagram thru posts or stories. I have an active following of just over 38k and I  believe I could be beneficial in helping to sell your brand's products by introducing them to my audience.  In addition to promoting on Instagram,  I also post on Facebook to an active following of 2,300+ friends. 

.I'm iwilling to promote a wide range of products from health, beauty, fitness, fashion, and other miscellaneous categories.

 I look forward to collaborating with you

Best regards 


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