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I will post your ad in my documentary (7-MILLION VIEWS)

1 Video Review on YouTube

Account #1 (103K Reach)

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Instagram sponsorship
+ $1,000
Will do 6 posts of your ad each month for 6 months (88,000 following)
+ $50
I'll share the YouTube post with all my email subscribers.
I'll share your product with all my email subscribers.
+ $100
150 in the newsletter
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About this offer

 I am releasing two more additions to my documentary series on YouTube. The most popular vid in the series currently sits at around 6.7 million views, showing that this content is already very popular and it also has long-term value as it is a biographic video.

I expect the next video to get similar numbers within a year. And the other one is an updated edition of the one with 6.7M. I expect that one to get 1 million in the next year but since it is evergreen content, it will always gain views as long as it is up so it's a good long term investment.

My most-popular documentary has been so well received that it has been shouted out by current world champions (Sunny Edwards) and picked up by online media outlets (i can send the link to the blogs). So the updated release of the video is expected to perform just as well.

This is great for brands that already have a good advert for me to use. However, if you have a winning product I can do a voice-over ad and place it in the video.

The viewership is 90% male with 18-44 making up about 65-70%. Highest area demographic is USA. I can provide statistics screenshots upon request

About the influencer

Rahiem Bailey

Rahiem Bailey

103K Reach

Hi! Run a boxing-based channel. I grew up being passionate about boxing myself and after suffering an injury, I couldn't stay away from the sport! So I started a channel teaching upcoming fighters, not just the physical aspects of sports, but also the mental aspects too (such as motivation, discipline). I'm proud to say I have helped thousands of athletes with this content. I then ventured into creating entertaining biographic documentaries about past champions, with the highest view-count at nearly 7 million views! My passion is to continue creating insightful and entertaining content that will stand the tests of time.


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