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I will help promote and share product reviews or send traffic to your site on my Facebook page. I have a large following on my Facebook Page who shares the same interests as I do.

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John MacDonald

John MacDonald

5K Reach

I'm a regular pet-loving guy with three dogs and a cat. I enjoy gaming and gardening. I am a self-proclaimed tech geek and love everything tech.
I do a lot of Photoshop work which can be from making funny pictures to photo repairing. I also enjoy making videos too, using Adobe Master Collection which has everything needed for such a skill.

I am not new to writing reviews for products or services. I've completed blog post reviews and Video Reviews on YouTube. I've recently completed a Video Testimonial for a service that I actually use and that video has received a lot of views in such a short period of time.

I live with my Girlfriend and my three dogs Ash, Katie, and Princess. A Chiwawah and two Shi Tsu's. And there's my old cat Buddy (update: Buddy Passed away,  We now have two more Cats to give a good life to.) I spend a lot of time watching TV and playing Video Games when I'm not working full time.

Writing or making video reviews is a fun thing to do and the best of it is the money and/or free stuff that comes with it.

See more on my blog at [link-omitted].


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