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I will make a post and story using your producr

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I post strength exercises and drills for gymnasts, crossfitters and calisthenics athletes. I will post a story with a link and a post about your product.

My posts are often quick videos I take during workouts of my athletes so they are very authentic and my followers appreciate that. I will make the post with me or one of my athletes using your product.

About the influencer

Keith Pettit

Keith Pettit

73K Reach

I have coached gymnastics for 40 years including national team members and national champions.  My Instagram account features drills and exercises for gymnasts, crossfitters and calisthenic type athletes.

I have become an authority on Instagram offering tips with these exercises.  My account currently has over 45k followers and continues to grow.
I post exercises and drills the students I coach are doing ( and sometimes me) with descriptions.  I have an active following getting about 15k views and 1200 likes for an average post.  
I have done some work with chubbies and aces joint repair.  I know I have a niche brand so it must be the correct product for me to endorse for it to be successful for you.


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