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I will make a short video on Tiktok

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About this offer

Will do a little dance wearing brand clothing apparel and will make it fun, perhaps let other people duplicate it. I’m willing to be completely silly… then I can amplify it by sharing on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and also add it as a link on a blog post talking about my experience making the video.

About the influencer

Bel Canzo

Bel Canzo

7K Reach

Bel Canzoneri is a fiery Latina living a good life in California because she chose to. A naturally optimistic who laughs and makes fun of her own mistakes. She loves animals and is always walking at the beach or hiking around town. Nature is her refuge. It is where she goes to recharge her energy and where she feels whole.
She doesn't like the drama in social media but nonetheless you can find her everywhere on social media. Go figure. :-)
She wrote and published a book (a memoir about her saga trying to find a job when she moved the United States, from Brazil and she believes that anyone can achieve anything they want if they put enough effort to it, and that doesn't necessarily mean work hard but smart.
She is an actor and wrote and directed two of her projects and Deep In Her Heart, scored a couple of awards on film festivals.
She works as standardized patient for local medical and nursing universities.
Find opportunities and you will find success!


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