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Offer Details

I will create a Parkour/fun video showing your organic Drink or Food Bar

1 Video Review on TikTok

Account #1 (182K Reach)

Add-on Services

Posting the same video on my Instagram account
+ $200
I'll post the same clip, either as a reel or Insta video (you decide), and link to it once in my Insta story.
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About this offer

I love organic coffee, tee and food. I love Parkour & outdoor movement. I will combine these 2 in a short video 4 you.
Storyline idea:
- I try a new move
- I fail
- I drink your drink / eat your food bar
- I succeed! :)
I could show your product in close-up with a short statement why I love it (spoken / text).
Video length approx 12...45 sec (shorter vids often perform better).
The challenge will be real, and so will be the emotions when failing / succeeding. Kind and quality of video will be similar to my existing ones, to be congruent with my fanbase.
Looking forward to meet you!!

About the influencer

Thomas Fuchs

Thomas Fuchs

293K Reach

Thomas Fuchs aka FANTASTHENICS - born 1968, currently living in Leipzig, Germany - started self-learning Parkour at age 48, which is unique in the world - producing short & often funny outdoor videos, showing my moves / movement progress / movement comedy / stunts & fails - showing my natural humour & authenticity - positive thinking + positive lifestyle - motivational coach since 2010 - influencer since 2018 - fast-growing audience on TikTok (125k+), loyal community on Instagram (23k+), building YouTube / YT shorts (700+ followers)


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