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I will engage good content for brands interested.

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Post, Repost, Comments, Interaction of any kind. Critical views, ironic answers and other kind of social engagement. Content curatorship assured.

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Julio Stéphano Braz

Julio Stéphano Braz

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Poetry, Paragliding, Chess, Music of different aspects, Nature, Love and Harmony, as well democratic formation, critical thinking and language philosophy are some piece of what you can find when you travel through my Social Media.

I am an Educator, Social Activist and Entrepreneur. Language, Literature, Culture, Traditional People, Education, Sustainability, Humanities, Democracy are some of the themes of interest that my content concerns. As an Influencer, my main compromise is to help to formate critical thinking, as a way to promote equity and social justice.

I have more than 20 years working on education field in Rio de Janeiro schools and educational projects. I am looking forward to connect with brands interested in help me promoting those themes, issues and goals.


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