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I will provide maximum engagements on posts with my expert compelling skills

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I provide retweets and engage in posts more oftenly. My influence makes other tweeps want to engage with the topic at hand, so if you pick me be sure of a successful end result

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Samuel wachira

Samuel wachira

5K Reach

Apart from being a Virtual Assistant in data entry, data mining and web research on UPWORK im also a seasoned market researcher and micro influencer, Samuel wachira has spent seven years working with individuals and companies both micro and macro to bring their products to national stage. Through his innovative and unique approach to market research and advertising/influencing, he ensures that clients can reach their target audience each and every time. Some of his clients include large companies such as safaricom, wowzi among other micro companies which i specialize in working with as well. Samuel ensures that each project is well researched and that all of his proposed actions are backed by years of experience and successful examples. 

I am an outstanding, self motivated individual with an insight to do good, apart from being an influencer I am a hard working, enthusiastic administrative officer with a prove track record in front office management. I always strive to achieve the highest standards possible at any given task and in any situation. I am accustomed to working in a challenging and fast-paced environment, particularly when dealing with multiple projects and priorities at the same time.


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