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I will Give a honest review within the week that I received a product on YouTube

1 Video Review on YouTube

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About this offer

My channel is a Family Channel I am open to reviewing any product, clothing or vegetarian food. My review will be honest and based on key pointers the client provides or requests to be within the video including any special links. A video will not exceed 15 minutes long I will also do my own research and focus on the company so that my video reflects their personality and the way they want to showcase their products. My videos are clean family oriented and fun, my viewers trust my honest reviews and are intrigued to check out any company that I am recommending. I hope we are able to do business in the near future.

About the influencer

Latoya Peeler

Latoya Peeler

1K Reach

Hello, I'm Toy my YouTube channel is called LifeofToy [link-omitted] channel is family friendly and includes a variety of topics! I am a mother, wife, caretaker,first-time home owner in DC, security officer, artist, home school teacher and Jehovah witnesses on my channel I discuss it all and I close out all episode with my original slogan "ladies gents whoever stay strong!" 

Me: I am energetic, honest, a naturalist and silly, my goal on YouTube within the year is to gain trust from all my audience also to have them view me as a friend not just a channel ( loyal supporters). I never plan on narrowing my channel down to one type of content as I want to intrest all sorts of people.

My channel: does not contain profanity, nor do I do holiday episodes (Jehovahs witnesses).

I hope I said enough to win you over, choose me to review, unbox or use your product on my channel


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