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I will give my honest review with a detailed video

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About this offer

I am always willing to give my honest review and I know video has the biggest impact! I am easily influenced by video reviews and I’d love to give an honest review via TikTok! I am also always sharing on my Instagram stories but the app is currently giving an error when I try to connect my account. feel free to find me at [link-omitted]

About the influencer

Leanne Downey

Leanne Downey

9K Reach
I'm a girl mama and wife who works hard every day to provide the most for my family! I enjoy gardening and houseplants and I consider tending to my plants a form of self care. I also love all things health & beauty and am always ready to try the next thing! I have two dogs and a cat and take pride in how my home looks so I am always redecorating and cleaning. I am easy to get along with and love sharing all products that I love and give my honest review always. My instagram won't connect on here for some reason but you can find me at [link-omitted]

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