Last Updated on June 8, 2020

Who knew publishing books would be so hard? Aside from all the authors and publishers out there that have actually done this before I mean.

The Kindle edition of the book (available here) launched back in December, but we wanted to wait several weeks before launching a print version because we knew there would inevitably be edits…and there were. Quite a few actually.

After those edits were made, we got to work with CopyPress on formatting the PDF specifically for Amazon’s print import — that was an interesting process; I personally don’t give too much thought to kerning and margin width, but they certainly matter quite a bit when it comes to whether or not your words exist on a page after running through the printer.

So now you can go buy a print version of the book.

For all those aspiring authors out there, let’s talk about the math. We’ve set the book to $9.99, which is purposefully low. Here’s how this breaks out, in case you’re curious:

$9.99 — The amount you’re rushing to pay RIGHT NOW!
$2.93 — The cost Amazon charges to print each book based on the glossy cover, black ink, page size, and number of pages.
$3.99 — The margin of the book sale to Amazon.
$3.07 — The margin of the book sale to team Intellifluence and CopyPress.

Big money baby!

Obviously we aren’t publishing the book to make money off it or we’d price it a lot higher and add a lot of fluff. We want this topic widely read and understood, so as an interesting we can do more with our marketing dollars. I’ll try to always bring a few copies when I’m out at conferences.

Thank you for your support!