Last Updated on June 10, 2020

My dear influencers, have you logged in lately? We recently rolled out multiple changes behind the scenes, each designed to incrementally improve your lives; in combination, it is my hope that your experience in Intellifluence is that much richer than it was even 1 month ago.

What changed?

1. Campaign Process Automation — one area for improvement we identified this past fall was the amount of transactions that might get stuck at different phases of the transaction, which was happening for a variety of reasons. To combat this we began to attack each sticking point from the brand and influencer perspective. Fixes like pitches expiring after a set period of time vs sitting for months at a time improve the number of influencers brands can reach out to, which in turn means an increase in submitted review -> completed transactions for influencers as a whole. We also removed the slack out of situations where you might have submitted a URL for review (effectively completing an transaction on your end) but were stuck waiting for a brand to mark it complete; now we have logic and a process to automatically complete these items after a fixed period of time so you can get more completed transactions faster. There’s a lot more little process changes like this occurring which should continually increase how many opportunities you get to see, and ultimately complete. Our goal is to maximize transactions for brands and influencers alike, so we love making these types of improvements.

2. New dashboard — do you like it? I sure hope you do! We have been collecting data ever since the last dashboard was created to determine what influencers actually clicked on, watching User Insights videos to see where new influencers might be confused when trying to figure out what to add, where to click, and how to perform their next actions. The new layout incorporates all that data feedback into a fresh new design to quickly inform an influencer on what tasks are the most urgent, highlight ways to improve visibility, and at a glance what’s available, along with Intellifluence network news and inspirational interviews.

3. Influencer referrals — this is already exceeding our expectations. We created a simple process wherein influencers can recruit their friends and family to become influencers at Intellifluence and treat successful signups as microtransactions. This is important for a couple reasons:

  1. Influencers are helping Intellifluence grow with the people they want to work with, keeping quality high and
  2. the influencer referral opportunity is often the first opportunity an influencer is going to see, so we can gently activate a new user by showing them how opportunities, transactions, and earnings work. This feature has been in beta for the last several weeks and as of writing this will now be available for ALL influencers — yes, that means even if you’re signing up from Antarctica and have a minimal social presence, there’s at least one task you’re immediately qualified for.

As always, there’s so many more positive changes planned aimed at making you happier, wealthier, and more attractive to the continuous stream of brands joining our platform. Keep being awesome and do your best because the future of influencer marketing is bright.