Last Updated on May 14, 2021


Joe Sinkwitz, founder of Intellifluence and business influencer is the subject of the very first Intellifluence Influencer Spotlight interview series.

Joe has close to 20 years of experience in SEO, leading several successful marketing companies and providing expert consultation. Joe recently published The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing, available in print or ebook here.

Andrew Evans and Sammi Digan of Intellifluence sat down and interviewed Joe, picking his brain on his experiences with influencer marketing, brands he as worked with, where he thinks the industry is headed and more:

What is the strangest influencer request you’ve ever gotten? Either with us, another network or with someone directly?

I was pitched to do um… Some specialty lactating thing? I don’t think they thought I was the right fit.

Of the campaigns you have been involved in, what was your favorite review?

Ok, this one is easy. I did a review for Chrissy’s Socks, I did a video of deadlifting in kitten socks. That was a lot of fun. We went to the gym next door, did some quick videos and everyone seemed to like it.

If you could pick any brand or product in the world, what would be your dream influencer project?

I think it would be a cross between doing something for Maserati or maybe Opus One. So doing wine or high-end cars. Very inexpensive tastes [laughs].

Where do you see influencer marketing in five years? How will people be interacting with someone like you?

Well hopefully interacting with someone like me… I would hope that they would be going to the network I helped build: I think that we’re going to move a lot towards microtransactions. I think the gig economy is going to rapidly accelerate to the point where you might have a situation where anyone can request a service from anyone else.

It won’t necessarily be platform-specific. We will all be chained together in such a way that we’ll be able to exchange services almost rapid fire and exchange monetary value while doing so.

Is there a category within influencer marketing that you haven’t done but always wanted to?

I’ve never done travel influencing and I know it’s a big market. Just for whatever reason I don’t – I travel some but I don’t travel too much. I think it would be a good thing to push me out of my comfort zone, probably.

Here’s the painful question for us… What could Intellifluence be doing better to serve you as a busy influencer?

Ok, one thing I notice is that your service needs some Payments [wink wink]. I think that moving towards a methodology where I’m not chasing people to get money would be a big improvement for the system. I hope to see it soon!