When we released our waterfall method of auto-pitching several years ago, the goal was to save time for brands that had identified more influencers than they had budget to work with. The waterfall process meant that as pitches were declined or the pitch window to respond closed, the next influencer saved as an opportunity within a campaign would get an opportunity to work with the brand.

The problem? Some brands have rather large budgets, equally large lists of potential influencers to work with, but don’t necessarily want to pitch everyone all at once. It would occasionally pose a problem with hundreds of influencers accepting the pitch, putting the onus back on the brand to quickly work with everyone.

Introducing a better way, with drip pitching. Similar to how a brand might interact with popular ad platforms to parcel out budgets, Intellifluence now makes it possible to define either a budget or a number of pitches to be sent at a time.

But Joe, what if I don’t want to set a daily pitch limits; I want to set weekly limits?!

Not to worry, we took this into account already from active brand feedback. However you want to interact with influencers, whether it be manual or automated pitching, we can handle it. Set daily or weekly limits based on your budgetary or overall pitch related requirements, or use our previous more immediate style of bulk pitching.

Have questions? Please ask our friendly support team. Prefer to watch videos? Neat, because one exists: