Similar to our Android app, Intellifluence is now proud to also announce the release of its Apple iOS mobile app for influencers. We developed the Android and iOS versions concurrently, knowing that the review process would be a bit more involved with iOS. Whereas our Android phone type influencers log in roughly 70% on their mobile devices, those that list Apple phone types are well over 70%, so this release couldn’t come fast enough. Your lives are going to be that much easier now, so thank you for your patience!

What can this iOS mobile app do? For our influencers that use an Apple device, quite a bit!

Introducing the Intellifluence for Influencers App

1. If you’re brand new to Intellifluence you can use the app to sign up.
2. Sign in and edit your profile.
3. Apply for opportunities in the marketplace.
4. Accept pitches and handle your day-to-day transaction messaging.
5. Check on your earnings.
6. Invite others to join the app.

Just about everything you need to do in our web app you’ll now be able to do on your iPhones and iPads. Since this is a new release, I want to ask that if you encounter any issues to please contact support so we can help as quickly as possible.

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