Last Updated on June 8, 2020

Successful influencers know that their network determines their value. While brands want to work with influencers with highly-engaged audiences, they also want to reach thousands of people. Influencers need to walk the line between focusing on their highly-engaged fans and constantly growing their network.

What is a social media impression?

Impressions refer to the number of times your content (social media post, blog article, etc) is displayed, regardless of whether it receives clicks or not. This is different from reach, which refers to the total number of people who access your content.

If you’re looking to build up your brand to attract more companies, follow these six steps to grow your impressions.

1. Do Your Hashtag Research

Each social network has different hashtag best practices. Some channels, like Instagram, encourage hashtag use, which means it’s okay to add several tags to your posts. Other social media outlets, like Facebook, use fewer hashtags, and your post could be considered spam if there are too many.

Along with developing a hashtag strategy for each channel, do your hashtag research before posting. Look at which tags are the most effective traffic drivers and which ones attract the most people. You may find that it’s better to use a smaller, niche tag to increase your social media impressions instead of using a popular one. This will reach fewer people, but your message won’t get lost in the content of big tags.

Test different hashtag sizes for your brand to see which ones are most effective. Then, look for other hashtags with a similar reach and test to see if they drive similar results.

2. Form Partnerships With Other Influencers

You’re not the only account trying to increase its social media impressions. Countless influencers across the world are hoping to grow their reach and connect with others. Instead of fighting other influencers for attention, consider working with reputable influencers that are in your niche to boost exposure for both parties.

With a partnership, you can create content for other influencers, or you can share their posts. They can also do the same for you. The goal is to get your brand in front of their followers and vice versa. This way, you can double your impressions as you exchange fans while introducing people to new brands they’ll want to follow.

3. Respond to Comments and Thank Fans

People connect on social to have discussions, not to get blasted by one-way messages. If they wanted brands communicating with them but not replying, they would just watch TV. If you want to grow your impressions, respond to comments, questions, and concerns. Some social media channels, including Twitter and Facebook, use algorithms that take this interaction into account — which means that by taking the time to respond, you can boost your exposure and increase your reach. Not only will this help your impressions, but it will also endear customers to your brand and make them happy to follow you.

4. Follow New Accounts Each Day

If you want to grow your impressions, then you need to be dedicated to your channel. Set aside some time each day to find new people in your niche to follow. These could be other blogs and influencers leading discussions around your niche or individuals who are participating by asking questions and adding comments.

Many people look to see who follows them and will consider following the brand back. While not everyone you follow will follow you back, adding new people each day can expose your brand to new people and encourage them to hear what you have to say.

For a bonus activity, track your conversion rate. Of the people you follow each day, what percentage follow you back?

5. Look at the Followers of Your Competitors

If you’re trying to figure out who to follow and where to start, look to your competitors. See who they follow and who follows them. It’s likely that people who are already interested in their brand would also be interested in yours.

You can also check for new followers of your competitors. Consider following these people and engaging them in your brand. Since they recently took action to engage with a similar brand, they might be interested in yours.

6. Comment on Other Posts in Your Niche

One of the main reasons celebrities and social media influencers like Chelsea Peretti and Chrissy Teigen are so popular is because they talk with their fans and form real relationships with them. They tweet at others, respond to comments, and make jokes — just like your best friends do. If you want to grow your social media impressions and reach, follow their lead and start talking.

Jump in and join discussions within your niche. These could include weekly Twitter chats or news commentary surrounding certain events. Eventually, people will look to you as a leader and important voice in the community — proving that you are a social media influencer.

There’s no magical way to increase your social media reach overnight. However, by following all of these steps, you can start to increase your impressions and attract more people to your brand. This will make your page more appealing to brands who want to collaborate with a social media influencer.