It’s time for a periodic catch up. It’s been quite an interesting year and we’ve been hard at work and rolling out a lot of small features that you might not notice, so I want to call your attention to a few of them:

Save a Draft

Like most SaaS companies we are ruled by the metrics that drive our business. One that’s very important to me is the ratio of active campaigns to active brands; I want a ratio of over 3:1, meaning there are multiple campaigns for every brand in the system. We have a long way to go to hit that lofty goal, but I believe this will help us get closer. A frustration we’ve noticed in our campaign wizard data is brands that will begin creating a campaign and abandon for whatever reason, sometimes multiple times before creating their first campaign successfully — nothing sucks quite like having to come back and do something all over because a draft of your work wasn’t saved. Done. Fixed. All subscriptions can now save as many draft campaigns as needed, so you can properly prepare to get the most out of Intellifluence. The number of live campaigns you can have will still be subject to the subscription plan you’re on, but this should make life a lot easier.

Brands now have the ability to save incomplete campaigns as drafts and continue to edit at a later time.

Unlimited category campaigns

For Regular and Advanced (managed) plans we’ve made it possible to create a campaign that isn’t tied to specific categories. This will help you get in front of more influencers for those broad reach campaigns. We’ve restricted this capability to just Regular and Advanced plans for now because it’s very powerful and requires some additional resources on our end to make sure the campaign quality remains high for the influencers. So far, so good.

Brands on the Regular and Advanced plans can target influencers across all specialties by simply leaving the field empty.

Expanded Discover filters and sorting

Some of the feedback we get involves “I wish I could sort by ____” or “I want to be able to only look for ___.” If you’ve reached out to support in the past 6-12 months with a comment that started like that, this one is for you.

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It involves some Quick Filters changes, ability to look for adults only, high closer and popular filters, some more sorting options, and more.

Brands can now easily filter by Favorites, Adults Only (21+), High Closers and Popular Influencers within Discover.

More data on influencer profiles

Star ratings are public on influencer profiles now that we’ve received enough data. Additionally, badges earned by influencers such as Large and Medium audience, Popular, High closer, and New are also displayed to help brands make better decisions when comparing individuals.

View influencer star rating and additional details on their profiles.