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Doctor Sandesh Lamsal is a Nepalese internet celebrity, doctor, sportsman, social media influencer, model and social worker known for his innovative videos on different social media platforms and achievements on his social, professional & public life. Dr Lamsal is considered the “First Nepalese Internet Celebrity” to be verified on all social media platforms including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, TikTok, and more. Appealing to audiences around the world, Dr Lamsal focuses on creating content centered on acting, sports, health and beauty tips, and lip-sync videos.

Can you tell us about your background as a doctor and then also the shift into social media?

Well, I am a graduate from Pavlov First State Medical University of St. Petersburg, Russia, and I’m currently working as a medical officer in Nepal. Besides that, I am also a social media influencer with a mission to educate, entertain, and empower people about lifestyle, health, and wellness. So, my passion to help people is what attracted me towards the medical field and continues to drive me as an influencer as well.

What prompted you to focus on social media?

The first thing is that I’m not afraid to take risks and explore new opportunities, which is why I turned into the world of social media. I saw it as a platform that would allow me to reach a wider audience and make a real impact in people’s life, and I have been enjoying it very much till today.

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So connecting with people from all over the world and being able to help the people to improve their lifestyle, health, and wellness is very satisfying. So that’s it.

What is your favorite type of content to create?

Well, luckily, I’m almost verified in all platform till today, except Instagram and Facebook, and I hope that soon that will be verified too.

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Yeah, I love to create informative and entertaining content as I mentioned earlier, whether it’s a video post or an article, my goal is to make learning about lifestyle, health, and wellness easy, informative, entertaining, and enjoyable. Well, I just don’t talk to social media. I also write articles related to health, medicine, and different ongoing aspects on various news mainstream platforms of Nepal, like Online Khabar, which helps me expand my reach and recognition even further.

When you’re educating people on lifestyle adjustments, what topics do you typically cover? What are some things that resonate with them in terms of enhancing their lives?

Well, I mostly enjoy to create content related to education, lifestyle, entertainment. I find great pleasure in creating videos, posts, and articles that explain complex medical concepts in simple and straightforward way, including what lifestyle a doctor can have beside the hospital and medical schools.

Where do you see your social media business going in the next few years? What are some goals that you have in terms of your content creation or your medical practice?

Professionally, I’m a doctor, so social media is kind of my hobby. So, I’m constantly looking for new ways to grow and improve my social media presence. In the next few years, I see myself continuing to create high quality content that educates, entertain, and impact my followers.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Sandesh Lamsal

I also hope to collaborate with more brands and companies to make even bigger impact on the health and wellness of the community. I’m excited to see where my journey takes me, and I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to make difference in people’s life.

Can you think of one or two examples of something amazing that’s happened to you while you’re working with a charity or a brand?

Well, there are a lot of experiences in my life that don’t involve social media and no one knows about me. There is life beside even social media. Except social media influencer, I’m a doctor, social worker, and sportsman with Two Dan Black Belt in World Taekwondo. So, all the sectors involved incredible experiences where most of the time, social media is not involved.

For example, I recently was able to help a person who had been struggling with chronic illness for many years. Through the combination of medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes, I was able to help him to achieve the significant improvement in his quality of life, and it was really incredible to see the positive impact that my work had on the person’s life.

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And this reminds me the importance of work that I do as a physician daily, and some experience that we are doctors, and we are able to make real impact in somebody’s life and it’s always one of the most fulfilling experience of our life.

I know your day is packed, so how do you structure your average day so you can take care of all your medical responsibilities, but then also have time for the social media, and then also maybe a little bit of time to relax here and there?

Generally, my day starts at about 5:00 [am]. For the first two hours or three hours, I go for training for Taekwondo. After that, I do have my lunch. After that, I go to hospital and there is my duty and so on. After that, I come back to my home and I create some contents in social media and I post them. That’s somehow kind of tough schedule.

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