Back in April we mentioned being consistently over 100 degrees Fahrenheit; like clockwork the Arizona Summer delivered some high temperatures, along with some beautiful monsoon storms. As I write this, the kids of Intellifluence team members are starting back up at school and we’re officially ready for fall sports and cooler temps. So what did we accomplish during these incredibly hot times?

25,000+ active brands. As anyone in SaaS can tell you, churn is a business killer. Thankfully the options of a continually improving FREE plan through a fully managed plan makes it easy for us to keep brands and their agencies of all sizes happy.

Almost 200,000 influencers. I thought about holding off our seasonal wrap up post for this important milestone, but we’ll likely have a team party to celebrate 200,000 when it happens.

The most important updates, of course, are those that make the product better. Like usual, I can’t share everything such as security and fraud updates, or the numerous bug fixes, but here are some of the most impactful pull requests closed over the Summer which our brands and influencers are currently benefiting from.

Intellifluence Summer product feature updates

Pricing Guidance. This is the huge one. Last year we released our 2021 Influencer Compensation Report which collated responses from our influencer base on how much they should be getting compensated on a network and audience size basis. At the time, we announced that we would be folding this data into a pricing guidance for brands. To make it work the best, our team folded the expectation survey data against our real world transaction data to come up with the most accurate pricing curves for each network by audience size. It was a LOT of work and we’re pleased to announce pricing guidance is live in this update. If you’re an influencer, you may have noticed that the surveys are going out again – you guessed it, now that we have a good framework to work from we’ll be able to consistently update pricing guidance to brands to ensure the minimum pitch values are appropriate.

Reactivation Requests. Everyone makes mistakes, and as our network has continued to grow and mature, that means giving second chances for those that had minor TOS infractions in the past but resolve to do better. This is primarily an influencer feature and has been most useful for those that ran into trouble on our network in the early years, before the system was smart enough to offer guide rails to keep transactions on task.

Admin outreach. If you’re a brand that’s been with us for a long time, you might start to notice a more personal touch in communications from the support team, such as reaching out to suggest a helpful Campaign Health Check. Behind the scenes, the system is helping to guide which brands might need assistance before campaigns run into issues. I highly recommend taking a health check if offered to you; it’s the equivalent of a 30 minute consulting call with people that spend their waking hours making influencer marketing work.

Expedited campaigns. Some Advanced plan and Regular customers often have the need to increase the velocity of their campaign funds. What we’ve done is make it easier to churn through non responses in the presence of Sallybot autoflagging to keep your funds tied up less and let you move on to higher probability of success transactions.

Faster funds notification. Advanced (managed) plans will now be automatically notified when low funds are predicted based on available pool of opportunities available, current state of transactions, and current balance. You’ll get an email from your dedicated brand manager letting you know so you don’t experience disruption to your campaigns.

Badge updates on the influencer dashboard. We needed to clean up our messaging and explain how our badges are determined and earned. We had a lot of questions wondering how to level up, so we re-engineered how they work in the process of rolling out those messaging updates.

Subscription history and balance download. This was both an improvement to an existing process as well as some new features which make it easier to export what you’ve paid over the years for easy consumption for your accounting team.

Bulk declines. For high volume campaigns, sometimes it could be a hassle to sift through a large number of applications, especially for a new campaign where filtering has not yet been dialed in. To make it easier, we’re providing the ability to bulk decline applications.

Engagement filter. In our last update we announced that we were now able to grab a snapshot of engagement data on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. The next logical step for us was therefore to let brands filter influencers on this data. Once we had enough of a dataset, we rolled out engagement filtering to our Discovery process.

Engagement and recent posts on influencer profiles. Brands can now visually see recent social posts when authenticated, as well as the engagement statistics associated with their various Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok accounts.

Blog metric filtering within the marketplace. We had filtering for Discovery but it became necessary to port that filtering into the campaign wizard when displaying in the internal marketplace to ensure application quality is what brands need it to be.

Talent manager overhaul. Of the user types within our system, it was the most behind the times in terms of functionality. Talent managers can now see their own marketplace for their portfolio of talent as well as a litany of other under-the-hood improvements.

Move applications to opportunities. Sometimes in those higher volume campaigns an application from an influencer might look great, but the brand isn’t ready to take action. This way brands have an easier way of coming back to work with potential fits faster, not getting caught in the sea of application responses.

Buy extra time. Did you know our Advanced plan comes with 20 hours of support each month? Given the efficiency of our platform that’s usually enough for most brands. However, some agencies and large brands running a large number of simultaneous campaigns found that they needed to be able to ad hoc increase the amount of time their campaigns are being worked on a month-by-month basis. We’ve streamlined this process to provide that option during those busy periods to ensure continued campaign success.

Discover pagination and page jump. Some brands have asked to be able to use Discover on a paginated versus infinite scroll basis. This option is session-based, which will make it easier to find specific influencers if a brand is looking within the Discover process and recalls roughly where in the result set they found the influencer. Know it was somewhere around page 70? No problem.

What’s next?

Intellifluence is going to be quietly building out a new way for influencers to understand their worth, whether or not they’re currently in our network and a will release a whole lot more partner news. Stay tuned!