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im an online shared poster many awaits my sharedpost online on facebook

its seems easy to me to share your products beside i have an online bussiness

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Im a working student, a fulltime small bussiness owner, an aspiring vlogger that tends to have a goal in giving catechesis, fun, equity and inspiration to the viewers. I wanted to see my self as successful and independent in order for me to have the best of life. 

Im new to vlogging career but i can assure that im a quick learner and doesn't hesitate to deal with matters. 

I am a religious, sinner of the catholic faith that aims to promote the word of God and to follow his steps.

I'm also a fan of bl Series because it gives me hope that there's still love present in us, part of the LGBTQ community. It inspires me to be my self and to love and express my gratitu6to each and everyone.


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