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About this offer

I am capable for this offer because this is my dream to be an influencer since when I was kid. So I will give my best shot in order to become a successful person, I will use the social media platform to broadcast this kind of opportunities. Thank you and Godbless

About the influencer

Ronamer Fuentes

Ronamer Fuentes

6K Reach

Hi my name is Rona Fuentes. I am from the Philippines. I have a Youtube Channel called "Maiytet". I am interested in beauty and wellness. I do makeup tutorials, challenges and product review. In addition, I also do workout routine for my followers to watch. Furthermore, I also do cooking in my channel to share my culture with the world. Lastly, I do reaction videos to supernatural events and phenomenon's on my channel. If any brand is interested you can reach me out at this email address. [link-omitted] You can also check out my other social media accounts. Tiktok: Mer G. Facebook: Maiytet Instagram: Maiytet Many Thanks!


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