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I will write blog posts for you (DA 45)

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About this offer

I'd like to write blog posts and blog reviews for your brand. Just send me a pitch and we can gladly get something done based on your budget and goal!

About the influencer

Earl Jan Maghirang

Earl Jan Maghirang

3K Reach

Owner of [link-omitted]. Experienced content writer and social media manager. Also former content manager for [link-omitted]. Former SEO Lead for LalaFood. 

Also worked with Philippine telco company called Globe Telecom. Also have experience when it comes to technical writing.

[link-omitted] offers content for followers ranging from tech like smartphones, tablets, laptops and headphones. We also write about movies, comic books, video games whether its for mobile games to console games and even PC games. The website also focuses on travel and lifestyle posts! 


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