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My LinkedIn name is yulmasi on behalf of Yulia Rahmawati, with a total of 341 friends. It is hoped that this number can help promote the company's brand.

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Yulia Rahmawati

Yulia Rahmawati

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Passion is energy. Women Digital Writing to sharing, educating and healing. I have a social media and blog called [link-omitted], a place to write and read.  Every event or incident is a moment full of magic, so in learning to read life, I put it in a series of words in this blog and I named it Motekar.

 A scattering of random thoughts can be contained and arranged in a life record sheet so that it becomes a motekar.  A series of writings from the trajectories of thought, knowledge and experience.  Hopefully the scattered words in this virtual page can be useful, both for yourself and for others.

 In the next trip, I wrote a life journey in visiting one place and another, including the journey in daily activities.  I also write advetorials or events that I participate in.  Writing, Women and Digital.  That's what I put in this blog.  As for the menu category, it consists of lifestyle, tourism and CSR.


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