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Hello there. My name is Andy ( AKA, Dark User - music producer and record label owner. I've been personally considered to work for [link-omitted] / Aftermath ... G-Unit Records ... Metalblade Records ... Warner Bros ... Universal's " writing team " ... nottinghillmusic ... Century Media, naming but a few. I'm an actual musician too, been shredding axes for 25 yrs + and have done shows with, to once again, name a few : Napalm Death, Nile, Sabbat, Extreme Noise Terror - ( the latter I was invited into, but my personal music style needs to be kept pure from outside influence and direction ). Anyway, I have recently invested in a great gaming PC, as I love playing games and hosting on my channel. I now also use Premiere Pro for editing my videos. I have an artist I'll be working with to create a better presented, better produced video and video series. I edit my own work, but a lot more cool artwork and FX will be used in-future. I'm also getting into the Movie Review side of entertainment ( very much like RLM ), as I love Film and the processes involved in creating FX and such. I would do a great advert for your product. I don't have many followers just now, but this is a numbers game ( you have to have quality content though, I understand that ), so I'll be doing well. I'm chatty, funny, a bit sweary, lol, and I realise you have to be an entertainer, and I'm all that, believe me ;) Thank you so much for your time and please don't hesitate to contact me if I'm what you're looking for : [link-omitted]

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