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Unfounded Purpose was spiritually created to relinquish and enrich what society has labeled normal verses abnormal. Regarding, the intent to gain momentum by reaching others, globally, who are seeking ways to heal their traumas, pains, and/ or personal regrets. By discovering and uncovering their true purposes, talents, and journeys in life. Because of this, I have ritually combined my spiritual gifts and natural talents to create a way to break generational curses for those who also seek betterment for themselves and their families trailing after me. Unfounded Purpose creativity involves arts and crafts, all areas of entertainment, music, poetry, fashion, spiritual guidance, and motivated healing. Incorporating the ability to connect and grow with people on a multitude of internal and external levels; especially, spirituality. Utilizing earthly realms, such as life skills, nature connecting, and comfort food. Creating has been one of my true passions for as long as I continue to breathe, which forced me to develop Unfounded Purpose and Different Craves Caters. The passion and purpose are to feed not only the flesh, but also the soul. Preparing ways for all people to feel and experience the love made from me, honorably. Being blessed to meet and network with people from various backgrounds and bringing them all together with my creations. Transforming adversities, perspectives, and conditions for all people; especially our children who I am determined, dedicated, and ordained to inspire, encourage, and support to be greater than what society has conditioned them to be. It is my due diligence to teach, create, and reveal our individual gifts, passions, and talents while continuously preparing ways to heal ourselves and others collectively. Building generational legacies, the values of all lives, and enhancing our God given talents while healing.

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