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Hi I am Maria, I started traveling since 2009 and have been living in many cities throughout the years. I had the chance to travel to many countries and discover big cities as well as small hidden towns and villages. Throughout my travels I always felt like sharing the experiences with my friends, family and the community, eventually the world! I am constantly searching to live new adventures and experience different cultures.

Therefore, I started Tripikedia as a way to share my journey with the world but also to let other travelers share their journeys next to mine. This way, we can together travel the world. 

Tripikedia has reached 11k+ of purely organic followers on Instagram. Thankfully we did not have to use Ads to gain followers. This year 2022 we released our website, where you can find all there is to know about travel, from the most famous places to the hidden parts of the world. 

Our travel blog is written by our team during their travels where we try as much as possible to share our experiences and the tips-and-tricks we learned with you as we look forward to hearing yours!

 Our Website also has an E-Shop for travel related clothing, personalizable gifts, travel accessories and more! (We are interested in Collaborations as well). 

At Tripikedia, we believe that everyone has the right to travel the world freely! We truly think that it is important for travelers to really be able to enjoy their journey and get the best out of each one of their trips. Therefore, our mission is to share with the world the tips and tricks that make each adventure unforgettable!

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