Thembelihle Dunjana

Thembelihle Dunjana

South Africa

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Thembelihle Dunjana is a female jazz pianist from Cape Town South Africa. She is a fun and charismatic music teacher, performer, mentor and overall lifestyle enthusiast, and has been teaching music for over 6 years now. Thembi's goal in her content creation is to make learning music accessible and fun. On Youtube you can see videos of her teaching musicians how to navigate themselves in the music industry but also how to become better pianists and musicians. Thembi is an advocate for a healthy lifestyle, in order to thrive as a musician, contrary to the negative light in which musicians have been seen throughout the decades, she believes that taking care of ones mind and body can help one with the discipline one needs, in order to grow skills on their instrument and to ultimately build that confidence on stage that we all need. These are some of the topics she deal with on her content on YouTube. Other than making Youtube tutorials, she is a recording artist, having released an album in 2020 and has played with some top musicians in her country within the Jazz industry. Thembelihle boasts as a teacher and mentor first, a creative and ultimately and performer and artist.

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