Tandrani Raj

Tandrani Raj

British Indian Ocean Territory

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I am 28 years old, travel blogger from India. 

I'm a Bengaluru native who left her home to explore the world slowly and thoroughly.

Travel has always been very personal to me and I have been bagpacking for 3 years now, visited 20 something countries and have tried and documented everything on my way in my travel blog. My idea is to inspire women to travel solo and travel more often

In many parts of the world, it’s common for women to travel solo and independently. In my home country, India, it’s not as common. I started this blog to show what it’s like for women to travel solo. There are a lot of fear tactics designed to scare women away from traveling on their own; I’m here to clear up those myths through my own stories of solo travel across some incredible places around the globe.

 I’ve spent most of my life fighting an incurable case of wanderlust. Now that I’ve found a way, at least for now, to make my life centred around travel, most of my trips have no end date, no itinerary and no real back up plan.

Along the way I indulge my passions for photography, learning new languages and staying with the locals.

Stepping outside of my comfort zone has helped come into my own and confidently stride into the world collecting memories as souvenirs and I hope that through this blog, I can inspire other women around the world to do the same.

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