Stephen Michutka

Stephen Michutka

United States

speedometerThat's some serious marketing potential!
I am a full time teacher with my Masters degree in Education Administration. I have a passion for building, creating, and connecting with people. My business name is The Wood Pastor, but I'm not even a pastor. It's a great conversation starter though. It started out as a nickname and turned into a tag line. I build furniture, cutting boards, and custom inquiries out of hardwoods I buy at a local shop. I am interested in testing woodworking products, for finishes, seals, paints, stains. I would love to test newer tools and see how they compare to what I have and what's on the market, and post about the ones that perform well. I see myself as a entertainer/personality so any contact with brands of influence would be ideal. I have grown my business and some accounts very quickly, picking up a lot of influence, therefore I can offer several tips and tricks to use to grab a particular audience as a buyer or a producer.

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