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SpaceInfo is a platform where the most important topics revolving around Space meet: Astronomy, Technology, Engineering, News and Space Economy.

Everybody can access to the content from different channels:

  • the website ([link-omitted]),
  • the Instagram page [link-omitted]),
  • the YouTube channel (@spaceinfoclub),
  • the Twitter account (@spaceinfoclub).

Founded in April 2021, it initially had only a website and an Instagram Page; today they respectively count hundreds of members and thousands of followers: the overall number of followers have recently passed the 110 thousand on Instagram.

The website

On the website each registered member can access to a more developed content: the SpaceInfo newsletter. Each member can read it inside the Members Area and becoming a member is free!

Inside each number a fast look over the main Space news is given with a selection of content and topics that are constantly chosen to be treated more into detail from the technical articles. From the latest Space missions to the most interesting economical figures of the Space Agencies such as their budgets and balances.

As for the Instagram page, in order to support the creation of content, a shop section has been created on the website. Up to now, specially designed cloves and merchandise are present, with the SpaceInfo logo and with special graphics. Also, a selection of astronomy books, gear, astronautics and inspirational books are present; even a kids section is reserved, to show to the youngest the beauty of Space.

A recently added section is about the latest book by SpaceInfo Club and Arc Fortnight: The Art and Science of the Universe, where the book is presented.

The Instagram Page

On the Instagram page, the SpaceInfo Club mainly shares visual content: Space news, technology facts and stunning images about Space and Astronomy.

In order to sustain the creation of content also a shop is available and new products are periodically added to involve all the members from around the World.

The Youtube Channel

On the YouTube Channel, videos and visual contents are shared, they are taken from the newsletter topics and also from the instagram most successful post, where they are explained more into detail. Recently, SpaceInfo said that they are concentrating on this segment of communication to make it grow with innovative content for the upcoming months.

The Twitter account

This communication platform is used by SpaceInfo to release selected news to their follower. The information is usually about Space facts and news, in particular about the creation of new content by SpaceInfo itself. This was the very first communication channel adopted by the Club when it was founded in April 2021.

The Book

The Art and Science of the Universe, is a book written by SpaceInfo Club and Arc Fortnight. It is divided into two main sections, one that shows the amazing images processed and filtered with a description of the source of the image itself and the process adopted to obtain that final result. The other one shows more into detail the general process of elaboration and process of an image, from when it is taken by the telescope (terrestrial or a Space telescope) to the final result, so that everybody can be able to understand the work behind each picture and try by her or himself.

Here is a brief abstract, which lets the reader understand the spirit that pushed the author to write the book:

«As detection technology improved, astronomy expanded to include non-visible radiation such as infra-red, ultra-violet, radio waves, x-rays right through to gamma rays. Each type of radiation brings with it, specific details about its source. Visible light can show us dust clouds inside nebulae while infra-red light can look through dust clouds to see normally invisible details behind the dust.

Today we live in an age where the massive amounts of data collected by numerous space-based and terrestrial telescopes is publicly available to all – both scientists and artists.
This book aims to explore the artistic aspects of the wealth of astronomical data collected by space-based telescopes like Hubble and the James Webb, from research grade observatories located on high mountain peaks in Chile and Spain, through to amateur astronomers like myself (Arc) with our modest equipment in our backyards under the dark skies of Australia.

But how can Science and Art meet together? What could be the result of this mix?»

«This is where the wheel turns full circle, the loop is closed, art and science join together to create visually stunning images as well as new scientific discoveries.»

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